What is MBE?

Miami Business Enterprises (MBE) is a business organization at Miami University that works with local businesses to create marketing platforms and give members real-world experience.


Members have the ability to work with and learn from local businesses.

Current clients: Oxford Doughnut Shoppe, Karaman Fine Jewelry & Gifts, CJ’s

Past clients: Graeter’s, Chick Fil A, La Rosa’s, PNC


Major goal: To enhance education in classroom by providing members with hands-on experiences, offering a variety of leadership positions, and identifying potential career opportunities.

MBE’s Executive Team

President: Heidi Zimmer | Email

Vice President: Quentin Burgess

Treasurer: Dylan Flannagan

Recruitment Chair: Jordan Lilly

Technology Director: Matthew Ball | Email

Philanthropy Chair: Tori Roberts

Social Media Director: Quentin McCorvey

Social Chair: Kyle Knight]

Campus Advisor: Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum

Why Join MBE?

  1. This unique organization not only serves as a resume builder, but it also provides real world experience and a variety of leadership opportunities.  
  2. Membership is open to all majors.
    1. You have the ability to collaborate and learn from a diverse group of individuals while creating campaigns for well-known local businesses.
  3. We’re working with Oxford Doughnut Shoppe this semester.
    1. Who doesn’t like doughnuts?!